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Everyone that lives in Chicago knows that it is not a matter of IF it will get cold, its a matter of WHEN it will get cold.

Yes, its true. Chicago is a cold place in the fall and winter months.  For we who have lived here for any amount of time knows that if you don’t like the weather in Chicago, wait awhile.  Oh yea we know that our temperatures around here shift from hot to cool, then back and fourth again in a whim with common temperature swings of more than 30°F.

Chicago’s winter average temperature in January is only 21°F but often feeling much cooler than the actual temperature due to the infamous “Windy City” wind gust effect creating wind chill factors of only 17°F on average, but we all know that this is only the “average” after all and can all relate to a cooling effect beyond tolerance levels when those common 0°F days can turn into a -33°F evening real quick.

Same thing goes for a Chicago summer and its heating effects on the city of bricks, concrete and automobiles amongst many other heat sources within our great cities structure.  Our average summer temperature in July is 73°F making “Sweet Home Chicago” a fitting name for the best place to be in the summer months, truly our weather usually is amazing and comfortable during the summer. Again however, we all know that this number doesn’t do Chi-town justice as the 90°F weeks are also common in nature with the winter cooling effects as God has blessed us with one of the most interesting weather patterns in the mid west United States.

Chicago’s extreme heating and cooling patterns are surely character defining and a great feature of Chicago’s personality.  At Faith Heating & Cooling Chicago, we know what it takes to combat our weather to ensure you and your families home or business is comfortable all the time.  Faithful, Affordable, Dependable heating and air conditioning service you can have faith in.

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