Furnace Repair Service Call Costs & Tips

Those sounds of a loud or noisy furnace sends shivers up the spines of most people – mainly because of the insufficient heat produced makes for uncomfortable cool temperatures and annoying distractions caused by a failing home heating system.

In Chicago winter months cold climates make heating repairs a necessity. It isn’t recommended or even safe to ignore issues preventing your home or business from heating properly.

We know the average person thinks that a furnace repair cost can be beyond affordable.  Thats not necessarily true in most cases.  Faith Heating & Cooling wants you to feel comfortable at home and comfortable in the wallet.  Although we cant determine the overall cost of your needed repair without first properly diagnosing your furnace, boiler or water heater system – we have put together a average list of what you can expect as far as expense to the MANY different service repair possibilities when serving a heating system.

Cost of a Furnace Technician Service Call

Most HVAC companies charge a service fee for a heating technician to come to your home. This fee typically ranges between $50 to $100. This charge is just for the furnace inspection. Repairs are in addition to the service fee. Your fees may increase if you require service after normal business hours, over the weekend, or on a holiday.

Faith Heating & Cooling offers a deal to waive service fees when you purchase repairs.  Otherwise the service call is normally $79.00.  You can apply that fee towards your needed repair within 14 days of our initial service call if you decline the repair service for any reason.

Furnace Repair Costs for most Common Heating System Issues

According to our research the average furnace repair cost across the country is $268. Most homeowners spent from $135 to $422 per repair. Below, can read up and find common furnace issues, and a rough estimate of the price to repair them.

Furnace Repair Chicago, Furnace Repair Cost

Bad Flame Sensors or Thermocouple

Faulty flame sensors and thermocouples on most all furnaces will wear out eventually, especially if the furnace or heating system doesn’t get maintenance regularly.  The typical cost of a flame sensor or thermocouple replacement is roughly $75.

Faulty Ignitors

Ignitor malfunctions are a common problem which cause a furnace to break down. Lack of maintenance causes dirt and junk to build up on the ignitors, eventually cracking them and making them in operable.  Your heating system will fail to ignite the burners and heat your home.  To replace heating system ignitors, a furnace technician will charge about $150 to $300.

Bad Thermostat

A faulty thermostat can cause heating problems and insufficient heating of the home. Replacing a thermostat has a broad replacement cost range, as there are many types available. A basic manual thermostat will cost you $20 or so; a smart thermostat will run $200 or more, depending on the model.

Furnace Blower Motor or Inducer Motor

Replacing a bad motor is a serious repair, taking more time and more money to correct than some other issues.  Replacing a motor can cost between $350 and $1,500.

Furnace Control Boards

As technology progresses so does the use of computerized furnace control boards to control the entire system heating and cooling operation and is essentially the brain of the home comfort system and usually is the most expensive repair cost of all.  Prices range between $200 and $1500 to replace depending on the make, model and efficiency of the equipment its equipped for.

As heating system problems arise, many homeowners are overly worried as to what the cost to fix their heating system will be. Knowing a rough estimate of the price your repairs will help you understand and will help you better financially plan for the service your system needs.  Faith Heating & Cooling Chicago wants you to be comfortable and well informed at all times so we can assist you the best we can.

If you need heating system service, contact our furnace repair department  or call 773-633-7779 to schedule a technician to fix your system quickly without sky-high furnace repair costs.

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