Chicago Heating repair, installation and even maintenance service is important to everyone's life in Chicago's winter months.


Find Air Conditiong, Cooling repair, installation and maintenance service excellence with experienced Faith AC.

Commercial HVAC

With Commercial HVAC Service in Chicago you need quality HVAC technicians you can have Faith in with your business comfort.


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It isn’t every day that you need a Chicago Furnace Repair or Furnace Service, or a Chicago Air Conditioning Repair Expert to be there for you and your family.  But when you do, We’re always here to help!

Welcome From Faith Heating & Cooling Air Conditioning & Furnace Repair, where fast, friendly, reliable and affordable service never goes out of style for a Chicago Furnace Repair and more.

At Chicago Faith Heating & Cooling, we don't want to only create a good first impression, rather leaving you with a lasting GREAT impression of us ... the kind where once the repair, maintenance or installation service is complete, our greatest desire is that you feel great about your entire experience with us from start to finish. Chicago furnace repair or furnace service in Chicago & suburbs, a new air conditioning installation in Chicago, and everything in between.  Or if your family or friends ever have a heating or cooling emergency that requires Chicago furnace or air conditioning service company, we want to be the HVAC company you recommend without a second thought.  We not only want to meet expectations, we want to EXCEED them.

Faith Heating & Cooling Chicago for furnace repair, installation, maintenance and air conditioning along with any other HVAC service you may ever need.

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At Faith Heating & Cooling we thrive to make our customers happy with all of our Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC Services we offer. Call 773-633-7779 to get in touch today!